Terri + Johnny

We loved this session so much with Terri + Johnny. They had a lot to celebrate, Terri is in remission from ovarian cancer, they were just married in Louisiana and are enjoying their honeymoon here in Perdido Key, their love for each other & life came shining through.

terri-and-johnny-3280-p1 terri-and-johnny-3260p1 terri-and-johnny-3366-p1 terri-and-johnny-3316-p1 terri-and-johnny-3325-p1 terri-and-johnny-3297-p1 terri-and-johnny-3340-p1 terri-and-johnny-3379-p1 terri-and-johnny-3400-p1 terri-and-johnny-3448-p1 terri-and-johnny-3464-p1 terri-and-johnny-3439-p1

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