Allison-21st Birthday Photoshoot

This was such a special photoshoot for me, It was for my Daughter’s 21st Birthday. It was such a beautiful day on Johnson’s Beach.  We had a ton of fun and as I was looking through my lens it was so hard to believe that she was turning 21, it seemed just like yesterday that we were celebrating her 5 year old birthday with lots of balloons, party hats and little friends running around, laughing and giggling.  Time has a way of marching on. We are so proud of her and the beautiful Woman she has grown into.

The shell she is holding in the below picture is from her Great Grandpa and is a absolute treasure.  It was given to my Husband when he was a young boy and he would hold it up to his ear to hear the waves and he would dream of being by the Ocean, feeling the breeze brush across his face and finding more shells just like this one. Never  thinking that one day he would live right by the Ocean.












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